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LaundryLove: Who's Helping Who?

There's a bumper sticker rolling down the roadways on any variety of cars that says, "Who rescued who?"  The first time I saw it, it gave me a chuckle.  But it also stayed with me.  I found it a humorous little  example of grace and humility, the recognition that love can only exist as a circuit.  Yes, gifts are involved.  And who doesn't love giving gifts and seeing the delight on the face of the recipient when the giver recognizes that they nailed it!  But what of the receiver?  What if they never have the opportunity, beyond perhaps a thank you note, to reciprocate?  How long before the receiver becomes defeated, infantalized, or entitled?  What then?

I had a moment to consider this when the 13th anniversary of LaundryLove took place this weekend. I was unable to attend, but followed the posts with rapt attention.  One of the things I would have participated in had I gone was a lip-syncing contest in which the winner would be able to earn $1000 for their chapter of LaundryLove.  They needed a lead syncer who had to be male and there really was only one choice.  This particular person is pretty introverted, but a huge supporter of LaundryLove.  For the last three years of LaundryLove, he has become our official greeter, talking to people, getting to know them, initiating help for them. There's little he wouldn't do to earn that money.

Now lip-syncing as a completely exaggerated and comedic star was definitely not on his bucket list.  For the most part, this guy is a behind the scenes sort.  But motivated by his desire for that cash for our cause, by the faces of the people we have al come to know and love, he did it.  And he didn't do it as a shy guy.  I don't know if the syncing gave ways to singing, but if it did, he belted it.  As Julie Bryant commented, he ROCKED it.  I saw a picture of him with his arms thrown out wide, lost in the moment and I thought, "Who's helping who?"  Indeed.  This is LaundryLove. It's about love.  It flows both ways.  It creates a circuit that improves all of us.

Yeah.  We do laundry.  But that is only the beginning.  For everyone.

A long time ago, I read a book about someone's near death experience.  For all I know, the whole thing could be fabricated, but even in fiction, sometimes truth does not depend on fact.  The excerpt I remember went something like this.  The person and a spiritual guide are on a busy downtown street.  On the sidewalk sat a homeless person, bereft, reduced to picking garbage and asking for change.  The guide asked the near death person what she saw.  She said that she saw a bum.  Then a nicely dressed man with a brief case walked past them.  "What do you see there?" he asked.  "I see a successful man," she said.  The guide tells her, "Those two souls are best friends in the spiritual realm, and agreed to take on these lives.  They knew that the life of the homeless man would be painful and difficult, but the agreement was that the "bum" would inspire the "successful man" to start a program to help homeless veterans because of the compassion he aroused in his friend.  That bum is the noble soul."

Come on down to LaundryLove.  Come to meet some "noble souls" and I don't mean us.  We just help with laundry.  Our guests make us better people.  We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30 to do laundry and so much more.

And as our super lip-syncer always reminds me, there's a "Donate" button on this page, if you want to share your good fortune.  We sincerely, and with great verve, accept and appreciate your kindness.