2nd Wednesdays at 6pm Beach Coin Laundry 19072 Beach Bl (x Garfield) Huntington Beach

A Happy Mess

Our group can get a little messy, not messy like we don't clean up after ourselves, but busy with people.  By 6 PM on the evening of LaundryLove HB, a line circles the building.  We start distributing groceries to those in line, who come in one at a time and partake of the supplies from the Second Harvest Food Bank.  Sometimes we get lucky on the fresh produce and sometimes less so.  There are a lot of vehicles in the parking lot also.  We try to be good neighbors and most people support us, but sometime the local restaurants get a little nervous about the size of the crowd and fearful they might drive away customers, so this month, we ordered food from the nearby (next door) Malaysian restaurant and it smelled delicious.  General report from those who dined verified that the taste was equal to the aroma.

We at LaundryLove look forward to the 2nd Wednesday of the month, when our "family" gathers to catch up with one another, do laundry, pick up some extra food, share a meal and get a haircut.  We like to include the neighbors whenever we can.  Thai Gulf has always been very open and supportive of our endeavors and the barber next-door offers haircuts at a discount for LaundryLove.  It's a community effort.

This week we were missing one of our primary organizers and voice of the operation, Shannon Kassoff.  Instead, I took over her position.  It was a busy night and most of it went by in quite a blur.  I'd become so accustomed to dashing about and answering questions that when I heard someone say something, I responded as if they were asking a question.  I was greeted by a big smile.  "I was saying, 'hi,'" he said.  I laughed.  I almost forgot that this is the most important part of LaundryLove, the people, the friends we make, the feeling of care and comradery we experience with one another.  It's not a job.  It's a relationship.  I'd forgotten for a moment, so I stopped and talked.

We gather at the corner of Beach Blvd and Garfield, at the laundromat next to the Honey Baked Ham Cafe.  We are run entirely by volunteers and appreciate all and any donations.  There is a donate button on this page.  We also welcome any volunteers.  That is our main objective, not only to help people wash their clothes, but also to get to know them, to allow them to get to know us.  Not long ago someone asked Shannon if he could do anything for us, wash our cars or something.  She said we had what we needed.  He said, "That's the problem with these programs.  There's never a way to give back."  It set us all to thinking.  This last month, I had the privilege of joining a mission trip to Nicaragua.  While in a remote village, one of the women offered to wash clothes for us, which she did.  Being a servant means allowing others to serve also. Here is a picture of LaundryLove Cumaica Norte Nicaragua.