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July LaundryLove wrap up

Another Laundrylove with plenty of surprises and blessings this month. When we arrived with our groceries from the Second Harvest Food Bank, there were about 10 guests in line. They began lining up at 2:00. There were quite a few new guests this month. One woman who had been homeless only a week. 

So we first gave out about 40 grocery bags, and then welcomed our volunteers, some new, some old-timers. Matt arrived at about 6 with a truck full of BBQ fixins, and set up to BBQ hamburgers, vegi-burgers and chicken in the parking lot. He brought his two sons, Eli and Vince.

This month we had lots of kids, including Seraphim, a 19-month old, who just loved the wooden helicopter that our friend Rich Vogl of Santa Ana makes for the kids to decorate. Several of the kids got free haircuts from our neighbor, Kevin, who opened up his barber shop last year and joined the LL family.
We've been fortunate to have the empty sidewalk space in front of the Laundromat since we moved in, but now there are restaurants on either side of us. Last night the owner of the restaurant that is immediately next to the laundromat came to visit us. We were apologetic about the line in front of the restaurant (she was closed last night but will be open on future LL evenings). Next month we'll move the line to the back of the laundromat. Not ideal, but we want to be good neighbors.
The restaurant owner (it's Malaysian food) offered to cook a meal for Laundrylove in the coming months. It's good to be a good neighbor.

Overall it was a very busy night, and we didn't get finished until the lights went out at 10:30. So grateful to all the volunteers, and to the community of Laundrylove guests that continue to support us and appreciate what we do. As one of the new guests told me last night, she is so grateful that she can come, do her laundry, and find new friends. 
Finally, Lisa from KCRW, who had interviewed Christian and Steve at the Laundrylove in East Hollywood, came to Huntington Beach to expand her story for NPR. Looking forward to her piece and we'll make sure we link to it when we are notified that it's available.

No sponsor yet for August, so if you want to join in and sponsor a night of Laundrylove, please let us know.