2nd Wednesdays at 6pm Beach Coin Laundry 19072 Beach Bl (x Garfield) Huntington Beach

In Unexpected Ways

One of our regular volunteers said of our most recent LaundryLove, "This one just blew my mind."  "We had volunteers from Mariners Church, from St John's in Laverne who are wanting to start their own LaundryLove, some folks from other Episcopal churches, and a regular group of men from the Islamic Center of Orange County.  The Islamic Center provided the Middle Eastern meal and lead the prayer.  We didn't start out to be interfaith.  We didn't start out to be any faith, but that's what happened.  The structure just started forming, the web that holds us grows stronger.  When we're there, we don't talk about religion.  It's more of an experience thing, an opportunity to  enjoy one another, to get to know the locals and to allow ourselves to be of service and to be served.

This was one of the busiest nights we have had, with people arriving later than usual, yet, we have not had to turn anyone away.  We do encourage attending early so that our gracious host, Gabby, can clean and go home by 11 in the evening.  We are so grateful for the hearts of the many who come and share themselves, remaining open to whatever happens.

We got a new neighbor a couple of months ago, a barbershop next-door to the laundromat, and even though we can be rather disruptive and take up a fair amount of space, the new owner jumped right in and started offering haircuts to our guests.  Shannon once said, "We see a need and we try to fill that need."  That's the premise and it seems that it happens spontaneously.

When we began LaundryLove, all we did was provide money and laundry supplies so that people who needed a hand could get their laundry done free.  Soon, our services expanded to include a meal, and then groceries became part of the project.  We have made friends, watched fortunes change, have seen people who had been living on the streets for years come in, not to do their laundry for free, but to offer donations and lend a hand.  Sometimes people stumble on us "accidentally" and fortuitously, when a bit of hard luck has come their way and then a bit of grace.

Steve, Christian, and Shannon have been busy helping others get LaundryLove programs started.  Our friends from the Islamic Center plan to start one in Garden Grove.  Thad's, a church in Santa Monica, started a LaundryLove in Venice Beach several months ago and this month, Bishop Bruno attended and ordained Scott Clausen as a Deacon during the project.  You can read about it here

Thanks to all who help in whatever way seems fit.  If you would like to come down and see how we do things, we are at the Laundromat on the corner of Beach Blvd and Garfield, in the same center as the Honey Baked Ham Cafe.  If you would prefer to offer some financial assistance, there is a "Donate" button on this page.  Or if you need to do your laundry, now you know where you can find us.  We would love to see you.

Connie Bouvier