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Christmas LaundryLove or 3 Men and a Little White Dog

What do I like best about LaundryLove?  I think it's the way that anything can and does happen, miracles and misadventures.  This month lived up to that expectation.

First of all, we are all so grateful for the participation for the second year in a row of St Wilfrid's Preschool in sponsoring the evening.  They brought in money, donations, and most of all, a delicious holiday feast for our many grateful guests.  Blessing number one.  Blessing number two, a person helping out with the dinner was moved by the plight of a young family, a woman and her three daughters who have been regulars at LaundryLove since early on.  He said he would like to help them and anonymously gave them a Christmas gift of $300, a fortune to this young family.  Karella thanks you so very much and so do all of us.  It was so kind and generous.

Blessing number three, a group of men from a mosque in Garden Grove joined us once again to get further experience at running a project.  They plan on starting a LaundryLove in their town.  It is wonderful to reach across faiths to spread the "love".  We are so happy to have your help.

Then, on the misadventure end of things, we had a regular guest come to the evening not feeling well with some stomach disorder.  She told me this as soon as she saw me, after a big hug, and right to my face.  Later in the evening, too sick to continue, she was transported to the hospital via ambulance, leaving behind 15 loads of laundry in washers and two little white dogs, one who had escaped and ran about the parking lot in terror and, I believe, defiance.  Freedom!!  It took three men, Steve, Christian, and Remy, and Karella (who, it turns out, is quite brave and resourceful) to corral this little critter.  Then there was the problem of how to get the little guy inside the woman's car and not accidentally release the other dog.  Mission accomplished.  Some neighbors came to get the car, but when the man saw the 2 little dogs inside, he was afraid to drive it so more emergency procedures needed to be enacted.  Our brave men sequestered the small and very threatening dogs into the back of the car with the 15 loads of laundry (which, it turned out, came in very handy) and the man drove the car back.  Our prayers are with Mona.  We hope she is better soon.  I am recovering from a stomach virus.

We were able to distribute $10 gift cards for WalMart to all of our guests and Steve brought even more on his own.  LaundryLove seems to bring out the best in all of us.  It gives us all the opportunity to know one another better, to understand each other, to appreciate all of our humanity.  One of our guests, a nicely-groomed middle aged gentlemen who always brings a book, holds a hand to his mouth when he talks, ashamed of having no front teeth.  A woman, struggling to look her best, wears bright pink lipstick, a stark contrast to the ragged, ill-fitting clothes that she wears.  A woman with severe OCD alienates nearly everyone, yet needs us all so much.

I was told by a man who was paralyzed from the neck down that we all have our disabilities.  He said the difference was we could see his.  More alike than different we all are.

That's it for this year!  If you are so moved, we take donations on this page.  If you want to stop by, we would love to see you.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!