2nd Wednesdays at 6pm Beach Coin Laundry 19072 Beach Bl (x Garfield) Huntington Beach

Laundry and Sustenance for the Journey

Once again, we received food from the food bank and our volunteers from Messiah church helped to retrieve it and carry it in as well as attended to it while our guests packed their bags.  They selected from fresh fruits and vegetables as well as canned goods, baby food, and other supplies.

This month, Matt Martin served home-cooked chili!  Thanks, Matt.  Sharing a meal, gathering food for those who are struggling, brings us together as a family.  Just as few of us would allow a family member to go hungry, so it is with our guests.  Every month at LaundryLove, we have an opportunity to gather together, to know one another more fully, and to expand our family.  Much like a family, there are those that challenge us for various reasons and those that inspire us.  Sometimes they are the same people.  

This month, we had a group of volunteer youth from Messiah church in Santa Ana.  Ken Kawamura led them and they provided funds to help with costs of LaundryLove.  They worked so hard and were so helpful and they had a good time too.  Best of all, they wanted to return to help again sometime.  As a real bonus, we had a couple of people from their group who were fluent Spanish speakers, a real plus for our clients sometimes.

The spirit spread to the new occupant next door who provided a free haircut to one of our young guests.  Thank you, friend.  And if any of you patronize establishments that do a good job and are good people to boot, here's the place to get your hair cut.  And leave a big tip.  It's wonderful to see good stuff spread.

A couple of our long-term guests who often bring food made from recipes from their native Egypt.  This month, they also brought their concerns about the violence and unrest there.  They asked for prayers.  I think we can handle that.  And so can you.  No "donate" button required!

Our next LaundryLove takes place on Wednesday, September 11.  As always, we welcome and love our volunteers.  If you would rather drop a bit of money in the kitty to support our efforts, we also very much appreciate all and any donations.  Just press the "donate" button on this page and it works through Pay Pal.  It keeps us in soap and quarters and keeps people in clean clothes.  Sometimes those clean blankets and towels get laid in the back of a car, sometimes on the ground.  For some of the more fortunate, there are actual beds for their sheets.  No matter what, we are happy to spend our second Wednesdays at the laundromat on the corner of Garfield and Beach in Huntington Beach.