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Happy Birthday, Edward!

Hello LaundryLove supporters and followers!  February 13, 2013 we held LaundryLove HB at our usual site, the laundromat on the corner of Garfield and Beach in Huntington Beach.  Things were a little less frantic than last month, but people lined up as early as 3:30 nonetheless.  As has become the custom, our guests are a combination of former attendees and new people.  The guest who showed Shannon her van home was there with her partner as were the family we have been following with their two small children and now their newborn baby that was in attendance also. They have been housed in a motel since the birth of their newest son, supported by an Episcopal church in Fullerton and private donations until they can be admitted to the Orange County Rescue Mission.  One thing we have learned about in trying to help this family is that it is immensely difficult to find immediate help for homeless families in Orange County, perhaps anywhere.  Services are few and waiting lists are long.  Many obstacles stand between homelessness and a home.

One of the sons of a regular family celebrated his birthday with us on Wednesday.  Happy birthday, Edward!  We ate cake and he received a gift certificate for--some cool clothes at Tilly's.

This LaundryLove also fell on Ash Wednesday.  In the prayer before we began, we had the two priest in attendance offer ashes to those who wanted them.  Kate, from the LA area and Fennie, the chaplain from UCI, did the honors.  Also, keeping a low profile, was one of our suffragan bishops, Diane Jardine Bruce.  Thank you so very much for taking time out of your extremely busy schedule to join us in our project.

In preparing the blog for this event, I spoke with many of the volunteers who had these thoughts to offer.  Fennie was happy to be bringing her students to do something helpful for people.  In that area of Orange County, homelessness is not much of an issue and many of her students have lead fortunate lives.  The students mirrored her wishes for them.  Marina, a graduate student in health psychology, remarked that there were a lot of friendly people.  Jeff, another student noted that he "got a guy to get ashes."  Josh thought it was "amazing."

Sue and Corbin, friends of Bishop Diane and her husband Steve (a founding member of the LaundryLove team), came from St George's in Laguna Hills.  They remarked that it was a wonderful way to start Lent.

Also in attendance was Janet from the South Bay who found the people happy and grateful for the assistance.  Lynnette, a regular volunteer, brought her mom to share the experience.  Linda, from St. Wilfrid's, returned once again.  And several of Shannon's friends, Aundie, Remy, and Candace also shared the experience.

LaundryLove is an opportunity to help.  What we provide doesn't turn the tide of poverty or solve all of the social problems that exist.  But it changes things a little.  People who would not be able to take care of this task, wash their clothes without the stress of where they will get these funds.  And doing the laundry is universal.  From the days of taking it down to the stream with others to now when we meet in a laundromat, everyone needs to do their wash.  As with all these tasks, we come together.  We meet our neighbors.  As Remy summed it up, the act of helping another with a small necessary task communicates a lot.  He noted that, "Love can be transmitted with a look and with a helping hand."  Thanks, Remy, and all of you, guests and volunteers a lot.  And if you are so moved, hit the donate button and leave a few dollars to keep us in business.

Next LaundryLove is March 13th.  See you there!