2nd Wednesdays at 6pm Beach Coin Laundry 19072 Beach Bl (x Garfield) Huntington Beach

Happy Anniversary, LaundryLove!

January 9, 2013, we celebrated our first anniversary of LaundryLove HB.  Many guests from previous events joined us and we shared food, soap, and laundry.  Since November, we have been in contact with a family from out of state with two small children.  The mom was pregnant.  They all slept together in a car in a local parking lot along with some other people who call their cars home.  Seeing this young family and their small children (both under 3) and the mom significantly pregnant troubled many of us.  As we all worked on it and Christian and Shannon kept close contact with them, we ran into the same problems that seem to plague any attempt to find housing for homeless people.  It is so limited and understaffed.  I contacted several places that sounded ideal.  No one answered phones or returned calls.  One place sent me a very sincere e-mail offering to interview them, but also informing me that there was no housing currently available.  When we saw them in January, the baby was due shortly.  Still, no room at the inn.  The baby was born a week ago.  Shannon reached into her pockets and rented a motel room for them.  Then she posted a picture of the baby and things started happening. I am happy to report that the Rescue Mission will be housing them and that many generous people connected via FaceBook to help with various aspects of funding.  Thank you, generous friends and strangers.

LaundryLove started out with a few people and an idea that was started by other in various parts of the country.  One night a month, we take over a Laundromat in Huntington Beach and provide coins, soap and dryer sheets so that people who need the assistance can do their laundry.  Winter is particularly brutal for some of these people, such as those who live in their cars or in make-shift camps.  It's cold.  It's wet.  And sometimes it's just plain scary.  Providing for clean, dry clothes and bedding can be a real relief.  You can help.  You can donate, right on this page.  You can come down and join us.  You can make a difference.  We would love to see you.

Next LaundryLove is February 13 at the laundromat on the southeast corner of Beach and Garfield, next to Honey Baked Ham and the Burger place.