2nd Wednesdays at 6pm Beach Coin Laundry 19072 Beach Bl (x Garfield) Huntington Beach


Wednesday, October 10, LaundryLove HB celebrated its 10th evening of sharing our bounty with others while we washed clothes.  Manuel showed up with his food truck, as promised, and fed the masses with yummy beef, chicken and carnitas tacos.  He was assisted by his wife, Sismai and his two children, Galilea and Romeo.  Next month, he will be preparing hamburgers and hot dogs!  Mmm and thank you!
This night's LaundryLove was sponsored by the St Wilfrid's youth group.  Reverend Allison and Brittany assisted us with quarters, soap, and conversation.  They also helped us eat a few tacos.  It was wonderful to have them with us.
Becki Sander, from La Crescenta, came down to see what all the LaundryLove hoopla was about.  She helped us out with our project and we loved having her as a guest.
Guests who have become regular faces arrived with laundry and some with troubles beyond their usual struggles.  One young woman had been separated from her children because of problems with their father.  She shared what was heavy on her heart with a couple of us.  We are so happy to provide a safe place where people can come and be heard.  
The weather grows cooler, at least some of the time.  We started last January when the weather here was cool and people who have no regular place to sleep would come in with soiled blankets and leave with fresh ones, temporarily warm from the dryer and smelling clean and fresh.  Heavy jackets that add warmth on those cold nights were reclaimed and restored.
We are heading into the holidays.  But for us, LaundryLove is a sort of monthly holiday.  We share music and food and ourselves.  We get to know people who return and honor us with their gifts and their trust.  Yeah, it happens at a laundromat, but what is really important is part two of our name.  There is a lot of love mingled in with the soap and quarters and dryer sheets.  We would love to share this all with you also.  
Come down, be blessed, drop a few bucks in the kitty.
I have a friend who keeps a couple of dollars in the console of her car so that when she sees someone standing on a corner or at an offramp, she can just reach inside and make her offering.  A few days ago, she was at an offramp and made eye contact and handed the man with the soiled jacket and missing teeth a couple of bucks.  Then the Lexus behind her opened the window and reached out with a few dollars and the person in the BMW behind them followed suit.  The man smiled and waved as they headed off to their destinations.  For a few minutes, they formed a community.
It spreads.  Come on down.  Reach out.  Make eye contact.  Connect.  
We would love to see you!