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Loaves and Pizza

As you can see by the video, we got some great support from the diocese this month.  Thank you so much!

We had new volunteers again, a couple of young women from another local church and a friend of Shannon's, Adriana.  It fills me to see them and their smiles as they offer detergent or quarters or dryer sheets and friendship.

Part of the spirit of LaundryLove is the gift of being able to share our bounty.  One of our members stayed up until one in the morning making loaves of bread and placing them in proper bakery bags to share with our guests.  To his delight, many of the loaves disappeared right then into hungry mouths and others got taken home to families.  We ate a few of them too!  Thanks, Steve!

This Wednesday, there were loaves and Pizza, a modern version of an ancient tale.  Next month, the miracle continues.  One of our new guests, Manuel, came with his family and loads of laundry.  He was so grateful and enthusiastic that he committed to bringing his taco truck to our next LaundryLove so he can share his bounty and special family recipe with the guests and hosts.  Maybe this is how it works.  Reach out and many hands reach back.

I have a friend that says that we are connected to all of those with whom we have a relationship by cords. These cords exist whether the relationship lasts decades or moments.  All I could see when she said that was a web of golden threads connecting us all, holding us, and gently supporting us.

Not all poverty is a lack of quarters or laundry soap.  Sometimes it is feeling invisible, yearning for a kind word, or a much-needed hug.  Sometimes hearts walk into the laundromat and are heavy.  Sometimes those hearts are our own.

Come on down.  Our next LaundryLove is on October 10th.  St. Wilfrid's youth group will be hosting  and we would love to see you.  Or click on the donate button and drop a bit in the hat.  Connect.  Be part of that golden web.

Connie Bouvier