2nd Wednesdays at 6pm Beach Coin Laundry 19072 Beach Bl (x Garfield) Huntington Beach

Hot August Night

Laundry Love Number 8

The line formed early. At 6, when the first volunteer arrived, already there were six people waiting.

“Can I help you with something?” asked a guest, stepping away from his laundry.

“Actually, yes.”

So he, I and a couple of others unloaded the car, set up the table, and began to get people registered.

It was awhile before the next volunteer arrived.

“I’m glad to see you here,” said one of our regular guests.

I knew the feeling. I would be very glad to see a familiar volunteer’s face.

But sure as LaundryLove takes place on the second Wednesday of the month, they began to arrive. I began to feel my burden lighten. I’d never been in charge of the operation before.

This week, we served 18 families and did about 160 loads of laundry. Our volunteer staff has begun to know what to do with less direction and we have even more time to get to know our guests better.

People fall on difficult circumstances for many reasons. While waiting, one person shared his story. A union carpenter by trade, he witnessed the murder of his best friend. Being a witness endangered his life. Sitting with his friend as his life slipped away took something from him he’s had a hard time recovering. Seven years of living in his vehicle made him grateful for the housing aid and has lead to an appreciation for the kindness of others. He was the first to volunteer to help upon my arrival earlier that evening.

The young woman, who was happy to see a familiar face, is the mother of three. Anxiety creased her brow as she shared her family and financial stresses.

A regular attendee has gotten a rhythm to washing and stain removal using less time every month. Though she is still the last to leave and struggles with the proximity of others, she is proud of her progress.

Community. Various things bring people together. In our case, it’s something simple, something necessary. We help with a few quarters, a little conversation, some snacks, and some hope and appreciation for our good fortune. Our guests help with their courage and friendship

LaundryLove. Come on down. We’d love to see you. Or make a donation. We appreciate all of you, both guests and volunteers.

God Bless.

“Happy Wednesday!”