2nd Wednesdays at 6pm Beach Coin Laundry 19072 Beach Bl (x Garfield) Huntington Beach

New Faces

It was our seventh LaundryLove on July 11th and such a success.  Every month, we add new volunteers, some who live locally and some who come from far away, like Sherine and Kyah, all the way from Austin, Texas.   Also, we added two women from a local church, Natalie and Ellen, and Lynette, a student of Shannon's who was inspired to add her efforts.  Welcome!  A recent communication from Shannon tells me that Lynette is spreading the word.  Thank you for coming!  It is an expanding community and we all get to grow in love and fellowship.  Recent current events have us all holding our breaths regarding copy cats, but I believe most people are good and they copycat things that help others more than those that hurt.  Let's keep the ripple moving.  Your presence is always welcome, if you have a load to wash or some time to spare, you are welcome here.

More returning guests show up every time.  We are grateful to have the chance to get to know these people better.  As we get to know one another more, we are allowed to help fold laundry and engage in the age-old ritual of talking and working.  This is how communities bonded for centuries.  This is one of the ways we bond, along with food, of course.

As has become the custom, there was ample food, various snacks and some treats from the Taco Bell next door.  Thank you to those who brought them.

At the end of the evening, a very polite, quiet man with wire-rimmed glasses who usually keeps to himself and reads a book sought each of us out to shake our hands.

"Good-night.  Thank you," he said.

If he only knew how giving those couple of hours and dollars filled us.  No.  Thank you to all our guests.  You are becoming more like family every time.

Next LaundryLove HB, Wednesday, August 8th at the laundromat on the corner of Beach Blvd and Garfield, next to the Honey Baked Hams.  We'd love to see you.  Or if you are so inspired, there is  "donate" button on this website.  We appreciate any amount.

Peace, love, and namaste!