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Laundry Plus Pizza Add Friends Equals LaundryLove Pizza Night!

What makes a community? We are starting to see more regular faces at LaundryLove. Guests have names. Better yet, we have names and the guests are coming to know us, trust us, and we are gaining a history with one another. This month was pizza night and the guests were as concerned that we enjoyed the food as they. Again, one guest cooked a traditional Egyptian dish for us. People inquire as to how our lives are going. The separation between us is dissolving. Someone once said to me that LaundryLove was not an effort at social justice because we were just a bunch of middle class people helping out “those poor people.” He said we should do things that change things that directly affect us. He really needs to come down and see what happens. We aren’t helping out the less fortunate. We’re just helping out.

We got to meet a new family this month; a nice, middle class couple who have been married 17 years, have 3 kids, 2 in high school. She thanked us with tears in her eyes, embarrassed to need the help and scared because of the financial burden long-term unemployment due to injury has placed on their resources. Her life didn’t sound a lot different from one of ours. What makes a community? What makes a family?

I have a friend who says that traditions are important, side-by-side work, passing down experience and knowledge. We are developing these things as we go. We share food, stories, sadness, and hope. We fold the laundry side by side and when the evening’s over, we say good-bye, not to these people we nobly help out. We say good-bye to our friends.

At the moment, we are blessed with jobs and sufficient income, but in a moment, that could change. The net that saves us when that happens is community. Come down and be a part of our community, or drop a bit of change on our website and we will be sure to buy quarters or laundry soap, or maybe some pizza so we can sit down and share a meal along with an evening of doing the wash.